Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Leiman Bros. - Oil Burner Assembly

Oil burner assembly 'Leiman'
Leiman Bros. Newark, N.J.
Leiman Bros.

Currently equipped with a much later model 60 cycle motor, having been used as a service pump in the repair shop of T. H. Oliver Aurora Ont. a mark of the long life of the Tuthill pump used by Leiman Bros.


"Early central automated heating machinery needed understanding from homeowners"

With central automated home heating would come new noises, aromas, and awareness that something different was going on in the basement. This oil burner by Leiman Bros would be representative of those of the early 20th century, to be found in the homes of well-to-do Canadians.

Including an electric motor, also new for the times, pumps, and a myriad valves and fittings, this burner was mounted on a cast iron tank, supported by four pipe legs. It would be connected by pipes to a firing head mounted on the fire door of the furnace.

While great progress had been made moving toward automated central heating, there was still much more to be done. Oil pump shaft seals would leak fuel oil producing pungent odors throughout the house. The seal on this machine would require constant lubrication, supplied by oil from the self-contained tank under the pump. When the oil ran out a whistle would blow, calling an attendant to add more oil — please.

Crude machines in the home, such as this, represented a major step on the way to automated central heating — machines that operated without the touch of human hand — well almost.


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